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The Real Game

A Paranormal Adventure


The Real Game is set in Dublin, NH, where SJ grew up. It was there she, along with several friends, played with a Ouija board calling out to the dead, and witnessing strange happenings while conducting seances.  

In their darkened attics, the group of kids from SJ's past would embark on paranormal adventures. And occasionally they'd explore the abandoned houses in this tiny town seeking the audience of more ghosts. Ghosts and aberrations did appear, but were they real or the work of overactive imaginations?

In The Real Game, a group of kids believe they have brought a game loving ghost to their world via an open Ouija board. They realize that playing games with the spirit world visitor helps them understand what the ghost needs to move on. However, the game loving ghost has a habit of bringing misfortune to people around him, in death as he did in life. The more they get to know, the more they realize they are heading toward a bigger issue. Was their ghost involved in a killing spree decades ago or was he a framed innocent bystander? But they also know they must rid their town of the menace one way or another.

Middle Grades: Text
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