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Are you a puzzler?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I recently wrote a post on my writer's FB page The Anecdotist where I talked about the similarities between being a writer and enjoying the challenge of completing a puzzle.

Here's a link to that FB post.

But when considering this interesting correlation, I wondered how this might really play out. And asked myself, could there be a true correlation?

The thought came to me to the other day, as I was trying to move parts of my story around to see where they best fit. Now, the curiosity is consuming me. I believe there is a correlation and, hence; I am attempting to prove my theory.

To help me in my research, I'm asking for writers, new or experienced and those thinking of embarking on the writing journey, to take just a moment to complete my survey on the topic.

Please complete the survey. It's only a few questions, and I will write a follow up post with what the survey results reveal. Thank you in advance.

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